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September 21, 2018

We live in an era where we depend on smartphones and apps for practically anything, from social media through to lifestyle and checking our spending. Now you can add security to that list thanks to our new smartphone app.

Let’s take a look at how it works and what it can do for your premises.

An innovative security solution

Our app gives our security personnel a means of providing accurate reporting on anything that appears suspicious. With the information they provide, we can then notify you straightaway that something seems out of place.

Because it’s impossible for you to be at your premises 24/7, our app will be like an extra pair of eyes, enabling our teams to take images and recordings as evidence for a police investigation. Vital information such as the date and time of the incident will also be recorded, giving you and the investigators a clear picture of what happened.

Protecting your business when you’re not around

With reports suggesting that burglaries are on the rise, security is more important than ever before. Of course, it’s impossible for you to be at your warehouse or offices 24/7, but with our app giving you up-to-date information to help you stay alert even when you’re at home.

Our Managing Director, Paul Ritchie, explains: “Business owners can have a clear report about anything our mobile patrols notice and any action that was needed, which they can then bring to the police as evidence. The app will bring convenience and real-time information for our clients, which is going to bring reassurance and comfort in knowing about the safety of their own premises. There’s nothing more important to us than our customers’ peace of mind.”

At Foremost Security, having a strong relationship with our clients is something we strive for and take incredibly seriously. Our app is designed to be straightforward to use and provide you with all the information you need to protect your business at all times.

Keeping track of your security

Our app is just one of the new ways we’re making security more accessible and innovative; we’ve also added an online portal to our website where users of the app can access real-time security reports at any time of the day.

Not only does this give you a remote insight into what is happening at your business but it also lets the experienced team here at Foremost to notify you if there’s anything we feel concerned about.

With our mobile personnel on-site to look after everything, our technology gives you a direct link to them and ultimately, your business.

Can we help keep your business secure?

Bringing over 20 years’ security experience, we’ve supported businesses all across the East Midlands with mobile patrols, security guards, and other services such as keyholding. We’re here to give you peace of mind that your business is always secure, morning, noon, or night.

To learn more about our services and how our app works, contact the team on 0115 911 0213.

By Foremost Security Team

The articles published by the Foremost Sercurity Team include contributions from the entire office team. We try to keep our clients, and the people who may become our clients one day, informed about general premises security issues and news and local news which might affect their organisations.

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