Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Offices, warehouses, universities and other business premises are often targets for vandals and burglars. The aftermath of a break-in can not only be a distressing experience for everyone involved but also expensive.

Our mobile security guards can help keep your premises safe and secure, even if you’re not there. They are a visual deterrence to any opportunistic thieves or vandals and will take any necessary action should something appear out of place or suspicious.

What is a ‘mobile security patrol’?

A mobile security patrol offers a visual security deterrent. Branded vehicles will be positioned at your premises, giving any potential thieves or vandals a clear warning that security personnel are on site.

Mobile patrols are ideal if you feel you don’t necessarily need a security guard stationed at your premises every hour of the day, but you do need a little extra peace of mind or protection at certain times. They provide a presence to any would-be vandal or thief who might be in the area.

Though they are primarily there to ensure your building is safe and secure, mobile security patrols also carry out tasks such as turning off lights or equipment and setting alarms. Our patrols also alert our officers to other threats to your business, such as fire, flood and preventing other incidents which could affect your business.

The essential benefits…

Visual deterrent

Full internal and external patrols

Frequency of patrols is flexible and can be at random times

Vetted and trained security personnel

Detailed reporting to record any actions taken

Checkpoints fitted to log time on site

No fixed contract

Low cost security presence

Deterring potential criminals

Many criminals are opportunists. They often target premises that appear empty or unsecured. However, the presence of a branded security vehicle is usually enough to deter them from attempting a break-in.
Then of course, there’s the guards themselves. Here at Foremost Security, our guards patrol both inside and outside your building and raise any potential security alerts.

Effective random patrol times

Predicting when someone will target a business premises is almost impossible. In order to ensure your business is as safe as possible, our mobile security patrols can be increased at specific times of the day – like at night for example – and having patrols at random times makes it harder for criminals to plan an attempted break-in.

Keeping track of your security patrols

All of our mobile security guards provide regular location reports and ‘check in’ with us at several points of their patrols, allowing us to monitor their progress and raise an alarm if needed. You can access real-time information about anything that our guards feel is suspicious and gather evidence for police investigations.

A cost-effective security solution

If you have a number of buildings on your site or across a town, our mobile security patrols ensure that they all have the same high level of protection from our guards. They can secure multiple locations using the same resources you can expect from a static security guard.
This also means that mobile security patrols are able to operate at a lower cost than static guarding but still provide a high level of security.

A flexible solution to meet your needs

Your business is unique and that’s why we believe in providing a flexible security solution that suits your needs. Mobile security patrols can be implemented when you feel you need the most protection and for as long as you feel is necessary to keep your business safe.

It’s not just buildings either – having a mobile security patrol during the night or early in the morning can provide lone workers with additional security too.

Trained mobile security guards from an accredited provider

All of our security guards (mobile and static) follow exact procedures and protocols to enable them to carry out their work to the best possible standard. As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor, we take the security and safety of our customers incredibly seriously.

Our commitment to delivering a high standard of security with outstanding customer service has also seen us awarded other security accreditations. Find out what these mean for your business.

Can our mobile patrols bring security to your business?

Our mobile security patrols operate all across the East Midlands and further afield.

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