Keyholding & Alarm Response

Keyholding and Alarm Response

At Foremost Security, we provide a swift response to alarms with our SIA Approved Key Holding & Alarm Response service for business owners across the East Midlands.

If an alarm is activated, then our licensed and trained security personnel will be at your building within minutes to ensure your building is completely safe.

What is ‘keyholding’?

Keyholding involves a company or trained personnel keeping hold of a spare key to your building. This is kept in a safe and secured vehicle with its own unique code, with only certain trusted individuals having access to them. If your key is lost or stolen, then it means you can still gain access to your premises.

If an alarm is activated, our guards will be alerted in seconds, and will respond swiftly to protect the premises. Our guards are trained to handle any situation that may arise, this allows your employees to work or access your premises at night with the knowledge that our team will be there if a security breach arises.

The essential benefits…

Minimises risks to health & safety

Reduced risk of litigation

We complete the clean up

Detailed reporting

Removes the hassle

Vetted and trained personnel

No fixed contract

Promoting a safe working environment

By minimising health and safety risks you are promoting a safe work environment for your employees. By arranging keyholding you are ensuring that someone is close by to keep your staff safe when they are working in vulnerable circumstance e.g at night or alone.

Cost and time effective

As your keyholder is triggered by an alarm response, it means that you are covered on a day to day basis. Break-ins can result in significant costs, keyholding helps to prevent these issues from happening and can be a suitable addition to your existing policies.

Not only will we arrange a keyholder, our security experts will meet with you to assess your premises and identify your security requirements. From this we are able to arrange a suitable keyholding solution to suit your needs. Meaning you get the best value for your money.

Clear up and reporting

Our keyholders are fully trained in security guarding and will handle any situation that they encounter, whether it turns out to be a false alarm or not. They will also remain on site to assist with a clear-up operation and provide a detailed report for the emergency services


Covering yourself from litigation

You are primarily responsible for your employees. So, by getting a keyholder you are reducing the possibility of Corporate Manslaughter litigation against your company and its directors, in the unfortunate even of a major incident.

Keyholding security is accredited

We hold accreditations from a number of security industry regulators. As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor, our keyholding personnel provide the highest standard of security and follow the exact guidelines in their work.

Our keyholding solution, along with our focus on delivering quality customer service, has also resulted in us receiving accreditation from other security regulators which all recognise the high standards of security that our personnel always strive for.

Note: The cost of our keyholding service covers all necessary keys to perform the duties required. It is not a ‘per key’ cost!

Can our Keyholders provide security to your business?

Our Keyholding is an ideal security solution for businesses of all sizes operating in any sector. We provide keyholding and alarm response solutions for businesses operating in the East Midlands and further afield.

Our services


Keyholding involves a company or trained personnel keeping hold of a spare key to your building.

Lock & Unlock

More than just a keyholder you completely trust to carry out daily locking or unlocking duties.

Mobile Patrols

Keep your premises safe and secure, even if you’re not there - a visual deterrence to thieves and vandals.


Trained uniformed Static Security Guard stationed at your business. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for the whole year.

Vacant Property Inspections

Meeting your insurance / landlord needs and protecting your empty properties. Giving you peace of mind.

Need to talk to someone about protecting your business premises.

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