Outsourcing Premises Security

To outsource or not to outsource? That is the Security question

March 27, 2020

Wise business owners and managers continuously review their company outgoings, making sure that they are receiving the best possible value for every pound spent.

From the maintenance of buildings and offices down to the recycling of paper waste, the decision of whether to enlist the services of an outside contractor or handle the task in-house depends on a number of factors, cost being just one example.

Security could be scrutinised as a ‘non-core’ activity and so at Foremost we thought it might be useful to provide a list of the pros and cons usually associated with either side of the in-house or outsource dilemma.

The potential benefits of enlisting a professional Security company: –

  • CHOICE – there are a wide choice of providers so you can find one with features which are a good fit to your business size/culture/activities.
  • MATCHING NEEDS – most providers will have a menu of individual services so you can choose which to have and leave out those you don’t actually need.
  • SCALABILITY – where your needs are seasonal or dependent on a specific job, you can scale up/down your security to an appropriate level with little notice.
  • LESS EXPOSURE – if you have one-off or regular off-site events there’s no need to leave your main offices exposed whilst security staff are guarding elsewhere.
  • REDUCING COST – if permanent manned guarding stretches your budget, a professional provider will be able to offer you effective alternatives such as mobile patrols.
  • LOYALTY – Staff can come and go, but by hiring a security company, you can be certain there will always be someone to fulfil that role of keeping your business safe.

On the flipside, you may want to think about the following.

The main advantages of appointing in-house security staff could be seen as: –

  • PERSONAL CHOICE – since you will interview and recruit, you can choose the exact candidate(s) you want to have on site.
  • MAKING SAVINGS – with arrangements entirely in your hands you can potentially cut corners (e.g. on licensing), whereas professional firms will always have the correct licensing and accreditations in place.

Whilst the possible downside of in-house staffing of security can be: –

  • RECRUITMENT COSTS – everyone knows that recruitment can be an expensive, lengthy process and finding the right calibre of candidate to trust with your security is no exception.
  • STAFF RETENTION – another big challenge for businesses is the ability to keep good staff long term and avoid the repeated costs of recruitment.
  • NON-PERFORMERS – it can be more difficult to remove a poorly performing individual or team when they are on your own payroll due to internal HR processes.
  • ON COSTS – as employer you are responsible for costs of training, equipment, holidays, sickness pay, National Insurance etc. for each member of security staff.
  • RISK – keeping the service in-house means that the risk and responsibility are also kept within your business and this may have significant insurance implications.

Whilst the above may not form an exhaustive list, it does at least give an indication of the points which arise when contemplating Security choices.

Find out more

If you feel you would benefit from information specific to your own circumstances, then simply get in touch with Foremost today and one of our helpful team can talk you through your options.

By Foremost Security Team

The articles published by the Foremost Sercurity Team include contributions from the entire office team. We try to keep our clients, and the people who may become our clients one day, informed about general premises security issues and news and local news which might affect their organisations.

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