Security for your Manufacturing Business

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Security for manufacturers’ premises

Foremost Security team have a wide experience of providing security to manufacturing businesses across the East Midlands – covering production facilities from pet foods to high value technology units – via custom components, bolts, springs & coils.

The biggest threats to Manufacturers’s premises come from the risk of production downtime. If vandals or thieves gain access and either steal important equipment or damage the manufacturingt capability then the revenue generating capability of a manufacturer can be destroyed or interrupted.

To protect against such threats the security services most often used by manufacturers include: Keyholding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Lock & Unlock

Manufacturer premises security threats

Theft of tooling or raw materials is a threat but has, in recent years, proved to be a relatively minor one to manufacturers.

The main business threat which Foremost can help to protect the business against is the interruption of the manufacturing process caused by unauthorised people getting access to the site and damaging the manufacturing equipment itself.

If the manufacturing capability is interrupted then the impact on the business, and on the reputation of the business, is obviously significant.


The essential benefits of an external security provider

Minimising risk

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Your factory or workshops, and the manufacturing and support equipment within them, are vulnerable to vandals or other criminals causing extensive, and expensive, damage. The impact on your ability to operate could be significant. Minimising the risk of such damage is important.

Protecting your staff

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Preventing your staff members from being put on the ‘front-line’ when responding to alarms or patrolling your factory / plant is one of your obligations. Outsourcing security activities to trained security specialists makes good business sense.

Visible deterrence

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Protection of your factory / plant is improved significantly by security signage and having a highly visible professional security patrol presence. Both have a significant deterrent effect on potential criminals.

Reduce costs / increase flexibility

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In-house staffing of security services is one option for any manufacturing business. However, historically it has proved to be more expensive in most cases. In addition, the management of security also becomes an overhead and headache which many businesses could do without.

When you factor in the flexibility available from your professional security provider – outsourcing is generally significantly less expensive and more flexible than providing the same services using in-house staff.

Protecting your plant and machinery

Keeping people away from your plant and machinery when your factory is unmanned is the prime reason for using security professionals. Protecting against the potential of business interruption and protecting your staff from having to deal with any such threats is vital.

Using a security provider such as Foremost to deter criminals from targeting your property is a very cost-effective way to minimise potential problems.

Security cover needs

When running your plant 24/7 the threat from outside agents is significantly lower. If you are not running 24/7/365 then you need protection for the downtimes. Whether it is weekends, bank holidays, nights or planned holiday shutdowns your business needs to be secured.

For many manufacturing businesses working shifts and overtime there are times when Lock and Unlock services are useful to ensure that no staff members are entering or leaving the site alone. Foremost can provide Lock and Unlock support at odd times to coincide with your business needs.


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Our services


Keyholding involves a company or trained personnel keeping hold of a spare key to your building.

Lock & Unlock

More than just a keyholder you completely trust to carry out daily locking or unlocking duties.

Mobile Patrols

Keep your premises safe and secure, even if you’re not there - a visual deterrence to thieves and vandals.


Trained uniformed Static Security Guard stationed at your business. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for the whole year.

Vacant Property Inspections

Meeting your insurance / landlord needs and protecting your empty properties. Giving you peace of mind.

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