Keyholding Explained

Key Holding – What is it?

May 18, 2020

Key Holding – What is it and why is it important for every business to consider?

A great deal of thought is given to the operation of a business through normal working hours, but the time when the offices or building are closed for the day, with few or no employees around, is just as important (if not more important) to consider.

In fact, the ‘out of hours’ period is the time when the business premises and the contents within them, are at highest risk of attack by intruders, thieves or vandals and the costs and implications to the business can be significant.

When your doors are closed at the end of the working day you need to know that your buildings and the everything within them are safe and secure – not to mention any members of staff working alone when the majority of employees have gone home. This is the time when the role of your Key Holder becomes essential.

Your Key Holder is the trained person (or company) who are in possession of a spare key to your premises to be used in the case of an emergency.

The emergency may just be a time when you have lost your own keys (or perhaps had them stolen) but critically it might be when your alarm is activated and there are potentially intruders on site.

The role of the Key Holder is as follows: –

  • To keep your keys in a safe and secure location with a unique access code
  • To rapidly attend site when alarm is activated
  • To check the buildings for signs of entry
  • To inform the emergency services if there has been a burglary
  • To assist in the clear up of any damage caused
  • To file a comprehensive report on the incident
  • To ensure that the premises are secured before leaving site

When choosing a company to be your trusted Key Holder it is vital that you consider a number of things, particularly that they have: –

  • Approved Contractor Status (ACS) for keyholding services
  • Personnel within close proximity to your premises to allow a swift response
  • Experience – to have suitable equipment with them when attending sites
  • Expertise – to know what to look for when responding to an alarm activation
  • Professionalism – to enlist the assistance of the emergency services at the appropriate time

At Foremost Security we take our role as Key Holder extremely seriously. We know that we are not only providing an emergency service for our clients, but that we are also providing a safe environment for their employees, reducing the risk of litigation should any unfortunate events occur on site as a result of a security breach -and often making an undoubtedly difficult situation easier to bear.

Overall, we offer peace of mind for business owners and managers by providing a continuously high level of cover, but one which only is only activated when an issue arises.

Read more about the credentials and accreditations which make us the trusted Key Holder of many businesses across the East Midlands.

By Foremost Security Team

The articles published by the Foremost Sercurity Team include contributions from the entire office team. We try to keep our clients, and the people who may become our clients one day, informed about general premises security issues and news and local news which might affect their organisations.

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